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Here at UK Shield we offer three types of boiler services

Annual Boiler Service
Book Annual Boiler Service

Servicing a boiler is a hugely important factor in your boilers life. Findings have shown that regularly servicing your boiler will increase your boilers life span significantly, greatly reduce the risk of any gas leaks, and also help your homes energy efficiency - potentially saving you thousands of pounds over the next few years.

Our most common type of service is an annual boiler service. Few people know that when a boiler is under warranty, a prerequisite of the validity of that warranty is that the boiler is serviced once a year. If you are with ourselves every boiler plan aside from silver shield means you are eligible for a service once a year with ourselves as part of your contract.

The second boiler service we do is a service with CP12 landlords certificate. This is a requirement of any rented property, and all our landlord plans contain this service done annually.

Our third service offered is a gas fire service. This is an annual checkup of your gas fire and will restore the gas fires components to its optimum level of function. It will also check for any gas malfunctions and blockages. Much like our boiler services, it is proven that servicing your gas fire regularly will increase the life span of your gas fire and also improve the Energy efficiency rating of your home.

We like to put the power in your hands and allow you to pre-book a date in advance that best suits you.

If you are a customer and would like to book a chosen date please do one of the following:

Call us on 0800 037 9351. Please press OPTION 1 (Lines are open 9AM to 7.30PM). Alternately please feel free to confirm online by simply filling the form below. We will then confirm the service time and date via email. Please note that all our calls are recorded for training and quality standards.

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